Local Efforts, Global Impacts

Since 2015, our organization has been spreading awareness of global migration crises, connecting compassionate volunteers to organizations that empower them, and supporting resettled persons by helping them to find the resources and tools that they need to succeed.

We believe change doesn't just happen in camps thousands of miles away, but can take place right here in our community.

Meet Our Team


Emily Worline
Founder and Executive Director

The plight of those experiencing displacement first became real to me after volunteering in refugee camps in Greece. Naive and misguided, I was transformed by the people I had travelled there to help. I came back to the states knowing I had to do more to alleviate global disparities and combat xenophobia in communities. From there I began working with an amazing team of people to create ROC. I have fallen in love with community activism and organizing, and have learned so many lessons from people all over the world. It is so thrilling to watch what a few people can accomplish out of compassion and a willingness to learn. 


Benjamin Tan
Lead Strategist

When I joined what was then known as Refugee Outreach Kalamazoo in the summer of 2016, I was eager to join a fledgling group built on compassion and inclusivity. Since then, my journey has brought me on a path where I constantly strive to find new ways to advocate, befriend, and learn. As I further my studies in economics at the University of Michigan, I take pride knowing my college experience has been given purpose and relevance through the lives of those I meet in ROC. In my free time I enjoy cooking and practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Michelle Thorpe
Collegiate Outreach Program Coordinator

When the opportunity to get involved with the global migration crisis came to me I couldn't pass it up. I believe in a global community where we all care for one another and as a citizen of the global community, I want to do my part. As Collegiate Outreach Program Coordinator I work hard to bring awareness, spread education, and connect those who have experienced displacement with the greater community. Without education and conversation we will never learn from each other and that everyone has something wonderful to share.


MacKenzie King
Lead Research and Resources

I am a student of biology at Western Michigan University and run a political activism student organization. The global migration crisis is the largest human rights travesty of our time. Once aware of the magnitude, I knew that I had to use my skills as an activist and researcher to bring light to others about displacement. I am confident that after learning about this crisis, people from all backgrounds will join together to help solve this complex issue.