Allying ourselves with community-led initiatives

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what does it mean to be a global neighbor?

In order for work to be productive, we believe we must support initiatives that are proposed and organized by the communities we hope to ally ourselves with. Therefore, we work alongside community-led initiatives within displacement scenarios to compliment their efforts. In practice, we are allied with ongoing community-led efforts in Dzaleka Refugee Camp, Malawi.

A few examples of our allied efforts include the Dzaleka food distribution and our efforts to provide ongoing wifi access in Dzaleka. We partner with the Emmanuel Foundation, a grassroots organization that has operated in Dzaleka for thirteen years, to organize both of these projects. After hearing about an expected food cut in Dzaleka we mobilized donations from our audiences to provide the funding necessary for the Emmanuel Foundation to organize and provide a food distribution to themselves and fellow community members. Similarly, after hearing about a need for wifi we again worked with the Emmanuel Foundation to put a wifi router and ongoing wifi access for one year.