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Michelle Thorpe, Collegiate Program Coordinator

Contact Michelle to request information about starting a ROC collegiate chapter:

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The ROC family is made up of dedicated, motivated, and passionate people like you. Contact Michelle to join us.


Whether you want to start a brand new chapter, or you'd like to convert your currently existing student organization, joining ROC is a highly flexible and welcoming process.

Benefits of Joining ROC:

  1. ROC is a federally recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. We also have tax exempt status from the IRS. This means that donations to your chapter can be written off on donors' tax returns.

  2. By joining you will be granted access to our resources, including documentaries we rent, funding we receive, and much more.

  3. We have many connections with large nonprofits and businesses externally, but also a great amount of young leaders from our different collegiate chapters. We are more than just a network, we are a family.

If you'd like to start a chapter with a mission that doesn't perfectly match ours, don't hesitate to reach out.
We love diversity of opinion and methods, as there is more than one way to solve humanitarian issues. This is especially true if your locale has a specific need you'd like to try and solve.

Contact Michelle to the left to receive more information!