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Emily Worline - Founder, Executive Director

The plight of those experiencing displacement first became real to me after volunteering in refugee camps in Greece. Naive and misguided, I was transformed by the people I had travelled there to help. I came back to the states knowing I had to do more to alleviate global disparities and combat xenophobia in communities. From there I began working with an amazing team of people to create ROC. I have fallen in love with community activism and organizing, and have learned so many lessons from people all over the world. It is so thrilling to watch what a few people can accomplish out of compassion and a willingness to learn. 

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Sydney Fernandez - Director of Jordan Programming and the Global Leaders

Sydney Fernandez has worked closely with ROC since the organization’s founding in 2015. He has worked professionally in humanitarian contexts in Greece, Serbia, and Jordan. He is ROC’s country director for Jordan, managing programs he founded in 2018 focused on education for Syrian children. Currently, his primary focus is stateside, where he is preparing Western Michigan University students to travel to Greece to work with refugees as part of the ROC Global Leaders Program, which he founded in 2018. Sydney speaks English, Arabic, and Spanish, is completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Global and International Studies with a focus on Migration and Security at Western Michigan University, and enjoys writing for his online journal, Critical Conflict Analysis.

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Sari Saba-Sadiya - Director of Community Relations

Sari Saba-Sadiya is a graduate student in Michigan State University from Palestine. Sari is passionate about democratizing knowledge and technology by maximizing the accessibility to resources and supporting grass-roots initiatives.