Global Leaders program

The WMU Global Leaders Program (GLP) aims to provide Western Michigan University students with an innovative opportunity to cultivate foundational skills in leadership through service-learning, turning wisdom into action through global engagement. In accordance with WMU’s mission to be learner centered, discovery driven, and globally engaged, GLP is the university’s first student-led leadership development program with a foreign service component. The program is three semesters long, (fall, spring, summer I) during which participants complete a student-led leadership curriculum and a student-led international development curriculum. Participants complete requisite volunteer projects in the Kalamazoo community and give capstone presentations on social issues. The program culminates in Summer I, when Global Leaders travel to Lesvos, Greece, where they will collaborate with our partner organizations to complete capstone projects in a humanitarian environment.

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Tabling at a Study Abroad Fair

Recruiting students to the first student-led leadership development program with a foreign service component at Western Michigan University! Students participating in this program gain independent study credit, no matter what their major, and also receive the tools necessary to develop their own project.

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Members of the Global Leaders program partake in a curriculum that prepares them for humanitarian work and leadership overseas. Pictured above are students working with Babis Mathiou, trainer, researcher/author for European Commission initiatives and the manager of NGO Babylonia in an activity geared towards highlighting expectations versus reality, hearing real life stories of refugees, developing participant’s capacity for empathy, complicating assumptions, and recognizing the space one will take up in a refugee camp.

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Part of the Global Leaders curriculum is volunteering in the Kalamazoo-area. The picture above is during one of the volunteering escapades, where members removed invasive species at the Kleinstuck Preserve to aid the ecosystem present there.