Family partnership

The Family Partnership is built to foster purposeful relationships between recently resettled families and college students in Michigan who are passionate about displacement and resettlement. ROC members and families learn from each other by sharing stories and knowledge; such as language, life experiences, understandings of culture and resettlement.

This program connects ROC members with families resettling in Michigan to spread and magnify Refugee Outreach Collective’s values of friendship and compassion. ROC members share information and knowledge that is helpful for families while they are in the process of resettling. Some of which includes tutoring children, providing English assistance, and various other tasks helpful to the process of resettlement. Families share their knowledge and their life experiences, and, in so doing, ROC members grow in their knowledge of the resettlement process in Michigan and meet people from all over the world, coming from many different histories and perceptions.

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Soccer Social

We all had such a great time organizing a soccer match with families we partnered with this year. ROC members cheered on the boys and watched an action-packed game as a parent couched the game and ensured everything ran smoothly!

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Pictured above is ROC member, Elisia, providing homework help to a boy who had recently made Michigan their home.

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Earth Day Fun

On Earth Day, ROC members went with some of the families they had been working with throughout the year to the Nature Center.