Connecting communities to live a better tomorrow

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ROC amplifies diverse narratives of migrant and displaced communities through alliance and relationship building. We work to make the US a more welcoming place to resettling communities and to eradicate refugee camps as a normative concept.


Our Programs

ROC’s programs are all in collaboration with community-led initiatives and efforts. We ally ourselves with individuals and organizations to educate our audiences about mass displacement and resettlement. All while working to leverage support to those transitioning across borders.

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Discovering purpose in friendships

ROC works to facilitate friendships between people from different life histories and backgrounds. In so doing, we build a network of caring and support that recognizes the intrinsic equality and value of each person involved despite their life circumstances.

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Refugee Camps should not exist

ROC works with those who have experienced or are experiencing displacement to advocate and spread awareness about instances of mass displacement and to eradicate refugee camps a normative concept.

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We facilitate network and alliance building

We ally ourselves with grassroots initiatives and organizations to lend a helping hand to those experiencing displacement or resettling to new communities.


“We believe meaning is discovered in friendships, and recognize that all knowledge is rooted in experience”

— Emily Worline

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Advocating for our global neighbors

We create platforms and safe spaces for educational events to occur. At each of our events we prioritize storytelling as the most worthwhile method of educating audiences about displacement and resettlement.